I find myself running to and embracing an excessive amount of information whenever I begin any creative process. In the midst of what appears to be chaos, while struggling to retain too much, I freeze and withdraw. This behavior results in my need of removing or concealing information in order to slow down my impulses. If beauty is the subject then the ease to imitate, that which is beautiful, is simple. However, it is an effort to make that imitation unique and curious. What I forget each time I return to this process is that life's issues are simple -- variables continuously repeat themselves, sometimes appearing differently but their basis is the same.

Concealing information in the photographic image has left me with minimized shapes and lines that subtly divide, recede and smooth the plane of the while jeopardizing loss entirely. My pictures are muddy and occasionally unreadable, resulting from an interest in the way objects appeared within my peripheral vision. As I move through a space this oblique vision directs my reading as much as what is immediately before me. The environment is made seductive by those objects that can not be easily seen. As such, they stand for the secret and inaccessible. My mind grasps for a tentative understanding. And it's the enchantment with things that by nature are obscure that follows from both my terror of and desire for this very obscurity. A normal cone of vision consists of a viewing area referred to as lines of sight. It has been my intention to quiet the chaos of unwanted information by narrowing this degree of vision. While I fear losing that which is tangible, I am seduced by the displacement of reality. Or at the least, I am seduced by entering a reality that is simplified in its viewpoint.